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About us

When a child is seriously ill from cancer, only one thing matters: a cure.

That is why in the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology, we work together with passion, pushing the boundaries to improve survival and quality of life for children with cancer. Now, and in the long term. Because children have their entire lives ahead of them.

The Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology is no ordinary hospital but a research hospital, the biggest childhood cancer center in Europe. Here, more than 450 scientists and 900 healthcare professionals work closely with Dutch and international hospitals to find new treatments and new perspectives for a cure.

In this way, we offer children today the very best care, and take important steps toward improving survival for the children who are not yet cured.

Management Committee and Butterfly Supervisors

For the execution of Butterfly a dedicated Management Committee (MC) is set up. The MC makes all strategic, long- and medium term and tactical decisions. The members of the MC are listed below.

The Butterfly consortium includes 26 supervisors. They all have their own independent research group within the Princess Máxima Center.


“The Butterfly supervisors have world-leading qualifications and scientific track records, and together represent a group of established and leading researchers in the field of pediatric oncology”


The Butterfly supervisors will provide support in research, career development, mentoring of the wellbeing of the PhD student and ensuring clear and open communication. The supervisors are listed below.