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frequently asked questions

Cover letter

You need to write 1 cover letter, stating why you want to pursue a PhD in the Princess Máxima Center and which project(s) has/have your first (and second and third) choice. The cover letter can be addressed to ‘Selection Committee of Máxima Butterfly programme’


You have to use the mandatory format for the resume.

Salary/ stipends/ finance

The selected candidates will be offered a full-time PhD position at the Princess Máxima Center, initially for one year. Upon successful evaluation of the first year, the contract will be extended for three more years (total: 4 years). Your gross salary will be in line with the collective labour agreement (CAO Ziekenhuizen). The full-time gross monthly salary ranges from € 3043 to start with in the first year, to € 3468 after 3 years.

Visa costs

Yes, visa costs will be covered


You will visit another institute for 2 times 3 months within your PhD programme.

Other master degree

If your degree is not listed in the guidelines but you think you do have the needed skills, your degree will be evaluated. This will be done case by case.

Did not finish master yet

See guidelines.


See guidelines.

Already started a PhD elsewhere

This is not possible.

Previous work experience

If you have the relevant degrees you can apply, but only the work experience is not enough.

Mobility rule

No, you have been for more than 12 month in The Netherlands in the past 3 years.

Fully funded PhD

The positions are fully funded. However, it is very much encouraged to also apply for additional funding as this is an important part of your training as researcher.

Starting date and length project

The project will be for 4 years (see guidelines)

Multiple application rounds

No, there will be only 1 (the current) recruitment round. This recruitment round will close on 31st January 2023 23:59 CET.

5 year BSc or other forms of education

Please check: https://www.nuffic.nl/en/subjects/diploma/education-systems, click on your country and overview of diploma’s. Check if your degree is comparable to a “WO Master’s degree”. Or check the PDF with detailed information.

52 PhD positions

Have a look at: https://maximabutterfly.com/vacancies/

Scroll down the page to find all 52 positions. If you click on read more you will be redirected to the main vacancy text and you will not see the other project descriptions.

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