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Butterfly Autumn School

Welcome to the first Máxima Butterfly Autumn School.

The theme is Increasing knowledge across pediatric cancers. This free kick-off event will showcase the latest advancements in pediatric oncology research at the Princess Máxima Center.

All Princess Máxima research group members are invited. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge in the broad range of pediatric oncology research.

PhD students will receive ECTS accreditation for their participation in this event.


The program will focus on the 5 Butterfly research areas :

1: Brain Tumors; 2: Haematology Malignancies; 3: Solid Tumors; 4: Quality of Life; 5: New Technologies.


You can find the introduction of the speakers for the 5 butterfly research areas & the industrial speaker below.


Please note:
The program on Wednesday & Thursday is limited for the butterfly PhDs.

Please be informed the group supervisors will be notified of your registration if you do not attend.

Introductory speakers for the 5 Butterfly research areas:

Prof. Dr. Marcel Kool

Research area 1: Brain Tumors. The research group of Prof. dr. Marcel Kool studies the genomics and epigenomics of pediatric brain tumors and how to translate findings from these studies into novel therapies. Read more here


Prof. Dr. Monique Den Boer

Butterfly Research Area 2:  Haematology Malignancies 

The Den Boer group focuses on the discovery of new (genetic) lesions and targets for precision medicines (including immune-therapeutics) to improve the clinical outcome for children with B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia.


Prof. Dr. Jan Molenaar

Butterfly Research Area 3: Solid Tumors. The Molenaar group strives to develop new treatment options for children with cancer.

Prof. Dr. Martha Grootenhuis

Butterfly Research Area 4: Quality of Life. Martha Grootenhuis specializes in research into the psychosocial consequences of childhood cancer.

Speaker to be announced

Butterfly Research Area 5: New Technologies


Industrial keynote speaker

We are honored to feature Dr. Marrit Putker, Head of Research at CrownBioscience, who will share valuable insights from the industrial perspective.

Marrit Putker is a molecular cancer biologist by training and leads the in vitro research and innovation activities of  the Crown Bioscience facilities in The Netherlands as well as in America and China. With her many years’ experience in the organoid field, Marrit is also involved in helping to raise awareness in the industry on the advantages of using organoids as preclinical research models.


Please visit the event website for updates. Registration will open shortly.

A provisional program is accessible by clicking here.