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van Vuurden Group

Akshaya Lakshmi Krishnamoorthy

Group: Van Vuurden Group

About Akshaya 

I’m Akshaya, originally from India with a biotechnology degree. My journey began in Hong Kong during my bachelor’s thesis, where I discovered my passion for clinical biomedical science.
I continued with a master’s degree at KU Leuven Belgium, focusing on immunology and oncology. These academic adventures have ultimately brought me here to the PMC where I’m excited to continue my career in immuno-oncology.

My Project: Crossing Barriers For Local Immune Modulation In High Grade Gliomas

The effectiveness of immunotherapy in high grade glioma (HGG) is hampered by its strong immunosuppressive nature. Our goal is to reprogram the epigenetic and functional profiles
of TAMs by instigating trained immunity using nanobiologics, essentially creating an innate immune memory. These nanobiologics will be administered via different drug delivery platforms in clinically relevant animal models, aiming to establish and leverage trained immunity as a potential treatment strategy for HGG.