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Hoeijmakers/Vermeij Group

Alice Larsson

Group: Hoeijmakers/Vermeij Group

About Alice 

I was born in the countryside of southwestern Sweden but have for the past two years lived in Uppsala, where I studied at the master’s program in molecular medicine. During my studies, I was introduced to a wide range of topics and found oncology and reproductive medicine to be particularly interesting. I am therefore very excited for the opportunity to continue to learn more about oncological research during my PhD.

My Project: The use of organotypic tissue slices for assessing prevention against treatment-induced side-effects via nutritional preconditioning interventions

The focus of my project will be on the use of nutritional preconditioning interventions as a means to prevent side effects of cancer treatment in pediatric patients. Previous research has demonstrated that dietary restriction triggers a temporary suppression of growth with a simultaneous upregulation of resilience and defense mechanisms. Activating such response prior to DNA damaging cancer treatments might selectively protect healthy tissues against treatment-induced side effects. However, since previous research has primarily focused on adult patients, the possibilities of using dietary restriction strategies in pediatric patients remain largely unexplored.