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van den Heuvel-Eibrink Group

Amirhossein Masroor

Group: van den Heuvel-Eibrink Group

About Amirhossein 

I am an engineer from Iran. I did my bachelor’s and master’s in chemical engineering at Shiraz University. I was introduced to systems biology during my bachelor’s and then bioinformatics in my master’s. Previously, I have used mathematical modeling, scientific programming, and optimization techniques to analyze biological systems. I find genomics and systems oncology quite interesting, because they allow us to unravel the complex mechanism underlying cancer.

My Project: Genetic susceptibility and prevention of CP-induced hearing loss in childhood cancer patients

Cisplatin is one of the most essential chemotherapeutic agents for the treatment of a specific subset of pediatric solid tumors and brain tumors. Despite it’s efficacy, Cisplatin induced hearing loss occurs in 50% of treated children. There has been evidence of genetic association with
this adverse effect. In my project, I will investigate the association between mitochondrial DNA variants, DNA methylation, and CIHL development in children. Furthermore, I will test an otoprotective agent (sodium thiosulfate) on cancer cell lines treated with cisplatin to investigate it’s efficacy.