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Looijenga Group

Camilla Perosa

Group:  Looijenga Group

About Camilla 

I’m Camilla and I come from a region in the North-East of Italy called Friuli-Venezia Giulia, specifically from San Daniele, a city that is famous for the ham. I carried on my university studies in Bologna. Indeed, here I graduated first in my bachelor in Biotechnology and then in my master in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. For my 6-month master internship I decided to move to London at “The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)” where I started to deal with the oncology field. I was in the cell division group led by Professor Jonathon Pines and my project focused on Cyclin B1.

My Project: A Normal and aberrant germ cell development

My project is focus on platin resistance in Germ Cells Tumors (GCTs). Indeed, most of the GCTs are curable with platin-based chemotherapy combinations. However, resistance to platin emerges in a small but clinically meaningful number of patients and, apart from high-dose chemotherapy, no alternative treatment options are available. Through the generation of different cell lines models using genetic engineering, I investigate the molecular and genetic pathogenesis of the disease in order to identify the driving mechanisms of the resistance.