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Clevers Group

Elisabetta Liuzzi

Group: Clevers Group

About Elisabetta

Motivated aspiring researcher with a strong passion for biology and all the questions concerning it. In particular I’m very interested in the biomedical field and in learning the mechanisms behind several diseases, with a special focus on cancer. I successfully collaborated on different research projects working both individually and collaboratively. I love working in a multi-disciplinary environment and for this reason I’m always looking for new professional experiences to improve my skills and knowledge.

My Project: The immunomodulation of Ewing Sarcoma

My project will focus on the development of a new in-vitro model. Cells derived from the tumor microenvironment (TME) will be co-cultured with Ewing Sarcoma patient-derived organoids. In this way we can obtain the realization of a representative model of both the TME and the tumor itself. This will help us to better understand the exploitation mechanism that Ewing Sarcoma uses to escape from the immune system and allow development of new immune-target therapies. Additionally, we hope to discover specific cancer associated antigens (CAAs) that could be used to engineer correspondent CAA chimeric antigen receptors on T cells derived patient (CAR-T cell therapy). These new potential treatments could be tested on our co-cultured Ewing Sarcoma model, allowing us to confirm our hypothesis.