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Elizaveta Kulaeva

Group: van Boxtel Group

About Elizaveta 

I am a self-taught bioinformatician from Russia with a master’s degree in Genetics.
Last year I did an internship at MDC Berlin devoted to multimodal single-cell data integration.
My undergraduate and master’s studies were focused on leukemia, and I decided to continue research in this field during the PhD.

My Project: Tracking the origin of childhood cancer

Although aging is the biggest risk factor for getting cancer, children can also develop cancer.
In fact, the incidence of some cancers is higher in children compared to young adolescents. We aim to address this paradox by pinpointing the rate-limiting steps underlying the
genesis of childhood leukemia and lymphoma. To achieve this aim, we have two objectives:
1 . Identify the processes that contribute to the development of childhood cancer by in-depth mutation analyses.
2 . Pinpoint the clonal origin of childhood leukemia and lymphoma during the development of the hematopoietic system by retrospective lineage tracing.