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Fenja Fahrig

Group: Molenaar Group

About Fenja 

I am a biomedical scientist from Germany with a master’s degree in Molecular Life Science. My interest for pediatric cancers developed during my masters’ studies, especially during an internship at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. There I worked in the Arsenian-Henriksson
group that researched Neuroblastoma and Medulloblastoma tumors with a focus on MYC(N) and neural differentiation as a strategy for treatment. I continued my work there as a research assistant before I came to the Prinses Máxima Center.

My Project: Targeting aberrant ATRX to identify new treatment options for Neuroblastoma

My focus lies on ATRX aberrant neuroblastoma (NB), a high-risk subgroup of NB with poor overall survival. In NB, different aberrations in the ATRX gene, which codes for a
chromatin remodeler, have been identified. Multi-exon deletions are the most common alterations and frequently lead to in-frame fusions (IFFs).The group has previously shown that these NB tumors show a dependency for the IFFs. Additionally, the different aberrations show opposing gene expression patterns and induce different phenotypes. We want to consider these differences when investigating therapeutic interventions for ATRX aberrant NB. My work will include organoid technology and high throughput compound screening, and make use of siRNA-mediated interference.