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Franziska Oberhammer

Group: Kuiper Group

About Franziska 

Originally, I come from a small alpine village where there are almost more cows than people. I later moved to Heidelberg for my studies, where I completed a bachelor’s and master’s degree in molecular biotechnology. During my bachelor’s studies I became passionate about oncology and became further involved with it through internships at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). To broaden my horizon, I also performed internships in bioinformatics at the BioQuant and Sorbonne University in Paris, as well as an internship in biophysical chemistry at the Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg. During my master thesis at the DKFZ, I bioinformatically characterized KRAS-mediated epigenetic dysregulation in pancreatic cell lines.

My Project: Tumor-based molecular signatures of childhood cancer predisposition

Cancer predisposition syndromes (CPS) can be challenging to recognize due to phenotypic variability, germline mosaicism or undiscovered genes. My project focuses on identifying tumor-based molecular signatures of childhood CPSs using transcriptome and methylome profiling data. Specifically, I will investigate pediatric tumor types lacking additional syndromic features.
With these molecular signatures we aim to pinpoint patients at higher risk of harboring a CPS. This knowledge could enable us to develop targeted screening approaches, allowing detection of tumors at an earlier stage. Ultimately, this may translate into reduced treatment requirements and decreased toxicity for affected individuals, improving their overall quality of life.