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Leonor de Sousa Teles

Group: Noesel Group

About Leonor 

I am a medical doctor from Portugal with a big interest in medical imaging and technology. In parallel with medical school I completed two courses on computer science, AI and data science applied to healthcare and data science applied to healthcare. After graduation I was awarded a scholarship to attend the International Space University’s Space Studies Program 2022, where I developed a project on monoclonal antibody crystallization in microgravity for applications in oncological disease. With a passion for multidisciplinary and innovative work, I am always looking for a challenge at the intersection of medicine and technology.

My Project: Targeting the SSR2A receptor with [68]Ga-SATO in NBL patients

Targeting the SSTR2Aargeting the SSTR2A receptor with [6868Ga]-SAGa]-SATTO in neuroblastoma patients. This project aims to compare the effectiveness of [6868Ga]-SAGa]-SATTO with the standard imaging modalities, assess the diagnostic accuracy and safety of this
new imaging radio-pharmaceutical, quantify the radiation absorbed dose and understand the patient burden of the new scan protocol.

Diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals for neuroblastoma. This project aims to develop immuno-PET tracers to visualize GD2 and B7-H3 expression in vivo, hopefully aiding assessment, of treatment sensitivity and personalization of therapy in the future.