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Group: Kemmeren Group

About Roula

I moved from Canada where I did my master’s degree in Medical Genetics.
My master’s research focused on analyzing the transcriptome of uveal melanoma tumors to identify the effect of driver gene mutations on disease progression. After my Master’s, I completed an internship at Deep Genomics to identify genetic targets for RNA therapies. I then got the opportunity to work as Scientific Business Analyst at Amgen to help scientists capture their data effectively for antibody discovery pipelines in cancer treatments.

My Project: Untangling somatic structural variation in pediatric cancer

Structural variants are known to drive cancer initiation and progression and are important for diagnostic purposes in at least 30% of cancers. Osteosarcoma is an example of an aggressive malignancy that occurs in children and is characterized by high genomic structural complexity.
Long-read sequencing presents advantages for the detection of complex structural variants. This project will investigate the complexity of structural variants in solid tumors and the impact of long-read sequencing to improve our understanding of structural variation in pediatric cancers.