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Group: Rios Group

About Uddeshya 

I am a Computational Biologist with a background in multidisciplinary research and a BSMS in life sciences from IISER-T, India. I apply my knowledge of complex data-analysis and machine learning to contribute in the advancement in biomedical and health intelligence research. My master’s research focused on “Cancer metabolomics”. We developed “Quick” analysis methods to decipher lipid signatures in high dimensional data from Mass Spectrometry. With objectives of identifying the potential biomarkers and understanding disease mechanisms. I joined the Princess Máxima Center with the goal of working side by side with clinicians and teams with diverse skillsets, all contributing in the direction of curing child cancer.

My Project: Advancing cellular immunotherapies for Diffuse Midline Glioma using BEHAV3D, a multi-omics 3D image-based platform

To develop robust methodologies for 3D image analysis of cellular dynamics and characterization of behavioral heterogeneity of immunotherapies. Employing Live 3D imaging technologies coupled with “Edge computing” to track the mode of action of cellular immunotherapies. With integrated transcriptomic profiling we ought to identify the previously underlying molecular pathways that can be targeted to improve the effectiveness of T-cell therapies, especially in the context of Diffuse Midline Glioma (DMG) and other tumor subtypes. The lab aims to develop technologies to link the T cells behavior to omics for targeted Immunotherapies therapies against liquid and solid tumors.