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Stefan Nierkens

14A. Immune Profiling in Pediatric Cancer (1)

Immune cell fitness is a hallmark in the development of pediatric cancer, selection of clones, and response to treatment. In addition, immune cell treatment in itself requires a sufficient level of fitness considering proliferation potential, production of effector molecules, and ability to develop into long-lived memory cells with productive anti-tumor responses upon restimulation. While most studies focus on the ability of T cells alone, the interaction with myeloid cells remains understudied.

In the present project we will decipher the myeloid-T cell interactions in solid (brain) tumors (e.g. ependymoma) and aim to specify pathways responsible for T cell indoctrination. Myeloid cell cultures will be derived from (semi-)local sites using cavitron ultrasonic surgical aspirators. By identifying communication pathways between regulatory myeloid cells and T cells) we expect to identify specific targets to optimize T cell activation

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