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Hans Clevers/Karin Sanders

24A. Immunomodulation of Ewing sarcoma

Ewing sarcoma is bone associated cancer which is driven by translocations involving EWSR1 and ETS family members. We have developed novel patient derived in-vitro models (tumoroids) and are using these to study the pathophysiology of Ewing sarcoma. We have recently used scRNA sequencing to explore the immune microenvironment of Ewing sarcoma from patients treated in our hospital.

In this project we aim to develop a co-culture system for Ewing sarcomas by using tumoroids and patient’s own immune cells. For this, we will use tumor- and immune cells from biopsies and/or resections. The resulting co-culture system will be used to study the interaction of the sarcoma cells and the tumor microenvironment in great detail. Ultimately, this system may guide novel strategies to target Ewing sarcoma cells using patients own immune cells.


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